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'Life isn't about finding yourself.  

Life is about creating yourself.'  

                                   George Bernard Shaw






I'm pleased you’ve found my web site and encourage you to take a look around. 


Of course I don’t know what’s on your mind or where your interests lie.  However if you're intention is to make changes in your life, this is a stepping stone to action.


Just a note on G.B. Shaw's quote above.  It's at the top of my Home Page as I believe it’s fundamental to the ethos of Coaching.  


Many people, and I was one, engage in various  personal development journeys in a quest to find their 'true selves', which they believe will then enable them to live authentically and purposefully. 


I now say call off the search. No need to look further.  Whilst we have countless experiences in life, it is how we interpret them, what we make them mean and the choices we subsequently make that creates who we are.   


Essentially, we are designing ourselves with every choice we make.  Coaching is about those choices.


Diploma in Business & Life Coaching


Life Coach - Institute of Human Technology


Qualified NLP Practitioner


AoL Qualified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


Qualified Practitioner of Time Based Therapy


Member of the Association for NLP Professionals


Coaching Services -           UK College of Personal Development


Media Director - International Association of Human Values


Associate & Consultant - Conflict Resolution Network


Mentor - IBM Australia



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