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The Get Unstuck Workshop

 Patterns of Thought, Emotions and Beliefs.



Have you got problems? 


Well I know a place where nobody has a single problem if you’re interested.  It’s the cemetery.  But as they are all dead, it therefore follows that problems must be a sign of life!  In fact, often the more problems we have the more alive we feel.


The question is, are we enjoying the feeling?


Patterns of Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs


Many people come to Coaching because they believe they are stuck and can’t see the way past, around or out of some problem(s). 


Whilst the problems they believe they have may vary from person to person, there is one common denominator between the people.  It is their belief that they are stuck.


Could this be You?  If so, here's the thing.  Firstly, what you are calling a ‘problem’ is not really a problem – it’s just a situation or circumstance that needs changing.  The real problem is your belief that you are stuck in it. 


Now, follow the pattern – it’s important.


If you just had a negative thought that you were stuck, you probably wouldn’t come for Coaching.  You come when it has become a negative belief that you are stuck.  You believe your beliefs!


But that belief started with just a thought, (I’m really stuck - I’ve done that again – I haven’t done that again, this is too hard, I can’t do this, I’m not good enough to do that  etc.)     


Whatever experience prompted the thought also prompted some emotion, which you registered with another thought about – (I feel hopeless, I feel anxious, I feel afraid, I feel lonely, I feel abandoned etc) and that emotional thought gets attached to the first thought.


You see where this is going... you not only have repetitive thoughts you are stuck, you also have the emotion or feeling of being stuck, so it must be true!  The thoughts have become beliefs.


So how do you change this pattern?


Once you start to create new thinking patterns, you will 'unlearn' the negative beliefs and create new positive beliefs.  What you saw as 'problems' you now see for what they are - just situations or circumstances.  You become unstuck and the 'problems' become far easier to change. 


What you will get from doing this Workshop?


Well the first goal is NOT to try and stop negative thoughts popping up.  You can’t.  Everyone has thoughts, thousands every day, they just come up.  Trying to stop thoughts coming is impossible and just puts more focus on them.


So the first goal is not to believe them and the second goal is to believe something else.  


But can we really think and believe something different before experiencing some actual evidence of change?  Absolutely.  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!  You see nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. You may feel you are faking it to make it when you start a change process, but who cares if it works?  The Get Unstuck Workshop will show you how - we call it pressing the Re-Set Button.


The technique is simple and effective and you will experience the change in yourself immediately.  It then just requires your commitment and practice to maintain the changed you!






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