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How does it Work?


A fundamental element of the Coaching process is asking relevant and sometimes challenging questions that keep you curious about your own answers, as you may not have asked them of yourself recently!


Image result for charles darwinThey can stretch you and your thinking beyond your current boundaries.  The point is to help you recognise the issues you may need to focus on, and for you to make yourself ever more mentally resourceful, open and responsive to Change. 


However trying to change the world, or even other people, is a big ask.  Changing ourselves is far more achievable.  And I’m sure you’ll have noticed that when you have made changes in the past, the world as you perceive it and the people you engage with seem to change too.  Funny that!  The question is - what is it about us and our beliefs we need to change?


My Coaching is a structured process starting with clearly identifying what you specifically do want rather than what you don’t want.  Sounds obvious but we are often far more familiar, focussed and aware of what we don’t want or like in life.  This triggers a negative ‘away from our problems’ strategy rather than the positive ‘towards your goals' strategy that my Coaching promotes. 


I other words, diverting your thinking and emotional responses away from old, habitual, negative patterns and focussing instead on creating new patterns which then shapes your behaviour, which leads to new experiences, which generate new self-beliefs and the kind of new outcomes you want.




I often incorporate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles and techniques into my Coaching, which I have found extremely effective in facilitating change.  The 'outcome-oriented' practices of NLP, rather than the more 'problem-oriented' practices of therapy are ideal for Coaching.


They keep the focus on what you want to achieve rather than analysing past problems or conflicts etc.  After all, there's no need to suffer twice, at the time and then in retrospect!


However I am often amazed at how past conflicts and issues come to get resolved anyway through the Coaching process, without giving direct attention to them.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  This includes the negative emotional residues of past experiences which you may be holding on to allowing to influence and colour your present. 


After each Coaching session you will have a new strategic ‘assignment’ to accomplish.  I will act as your accountability partner and help keep you focussed and motivated, until you are generating all the required motivation yourself.  It is part of the longer term intention, that you become your own Coach.


How many sessions are required?


This of course varies from person to person, the amount of issues they want to address and the current influencing factors.  However due to the effectiveness of the NLP techniques it is not uncommon for Clients to achieve the initial breakthrough the seek in their thinking and self-beliefs in one or two sessions. 


Other Clients come with  more complex issues and they build the momentum to reach their goal(s) over a number of sessions.  However a well formed outcome for each session is required to be able to measure the effectiveness of the Coaching and to ensure progress continues to be achieved and maintained.


Additionally, some clients have a range of issues they want to address and work through sequentially over time.  It is entirely up to them to assess the value they are getting from the Coaching sessions, their ability to sustain their momentum and the positive impact Coaching is having on their lives.

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