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Manage Your Emotions Workshop

Stress and anxiety are like treadmills.  Once on them they just keep going around and can be hard to stop.  So the purpose of this workshop is to give you the tools to slow down the treadmill enough for you to be able to get off.  Once off, you feel far more able to look at and deal with the circumstances that triggered your stress.


So firstly, know that whatever your life circumstances, the levels of stress you feel is determined by how you react and respond to them, not the circumstances themselves.  Some circumstances or situations may be stressful to some people, but not others.  It's how we respond and react in our minds that is so important.  


And yes, there will always be circumstances and situations we want to improve on or change, but our ability to do that depends on having new ways of responding, otherwise the same old patterns of thoughts and emotional behaviour will keep repeating, the treadmill goes around again and nothing really changes. 


For those really ready to make some simple changes and take responsibility and control of their lives, this workshop and the follow-on support structure will truely open the doors to a new life!


Next Workshop Saturday April 28th at the Marlborough Wellbeing Clinic.

Starts at 9.30am - finishes at 5.00pm

Workshop cost:   £60.00 (Includes Handouts & refreshments)


Call 01672 811835 or 07791 234562 to book your place.


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