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I’ve long been interested in Retirement Coaching, in fact, ever since I  closed the doors on the corporate world.

While I had been extensively involved in Training and Mentoring, both at IBM and as a director of the International Association of Human Values, I entered the Caching world which takes quite a different approach.

lRetirement is undoubtedly one of those transition times, but it is not about waiting in the departure lounge of life!  It's both a time of closure and of new openings. 

So whether you intend to enter into some new income generating activity or you have sufficient funds to support the ‘seven day weekend’ life, you will still be navigating unchartered waters and some adjustments will inevitably be required.

There are of course all the other considerations, social life, staying stimulated and motivated, physical health and particularly the monetary concerns and planning most have to wrestle with, but I am neither qualified to provide financial advice nor is that my area of expertise.


The areas I am most interested in are the personal aspects of retirement, and how this major transitional period, affects us on psychological, physical and emotional levels.

It’s common for thoughts about retirement to feel daunting.  After all, changes are inevitable and you are entering a new and unknown phase of your life. 



Recovering your Identity?


Your self-beliefs and how you percieve yourself will shape your experiences of retirement just as much as the circumstances themselves.  But can you realign or change even long held self-beliefs and perceptions that may limit your potential for a great retirement?  Absolutely.  My coaching will help you form new perspectives which will address such anxieties, including identity issues. 


It is common for someone’s identity to be too woven into their working life.  Though our jobs don’t define who we are, they often reflect our interests and present challenges that kept our minds stimulated.  Whether we intended them to or not, our jobs became a significant aspect of our lives.  Most of us strived to do well and came to think of ourselves as an integral ‘cog’ in the company we worked for.  Our jobs may even have provided distraction and  respite from other areas of our lives that were not going well...


When you take all of this into consideration, its understandable that upon retirement some individuals can feel a loss of identity and purpose - as though they are losing part of themselves.  However we are not our identities and in times of major change it may serve us to let go of old self views to become the new versions of ourselves.  The snake that cannot shed its skin is in trouble.

Also, to achieve your potential for a nurturing and fulfilling retirement will likely require you taking steps outside of your old comfort zones.  Again, my coaching will support you through these transitions and be fun and exciting in the process.  It will prepare you to be your best and make the most of whatever circumstances, challenges and opportunities you encounter during this substantial lifestyle change. 

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