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Student Coaching

I really enjoy Coaching students and younger people.  They can be refreshingly direct and often respond with enthusiasm and openness to the change procsss and techniques.


There is far more awareness today of the need to address the mental and emotional health issues students often struggle with.  Indeed many educational establishments are raising this priority on a par with academic performance.  Rightly so as they are intrinsically related.  


I offer individual Coaching for students as well as a Workshop for groups of students.  I would say the most common issue the young people I work with have is lack of confidence and the associated limiting self-beliefs. 


Coaching has helped them make significant progress and provides them with 'tools' to help them manage their emotions and significanly reduce the levels of stress and anxiety that impede their enjoyment of and successful progression through the educational system.

For information on The Hero's Journey Workshop for Students, Mindfulness Programmes and other coaching work I provide, please contact me and I will be pleased to meet up and discuss how I could contribute to your objectives in this critical area.

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