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What is Coaching?

Well, I believe Coaching is about facilitating change and supporting people to perform in line with their potential.

It begins with a focussed converation designed to identify exactly what you want to achieve from the Coaching session(s) and more generally how you really want your life to be.  Fundamental though this seems, many people live without any clear picture of this, which can be a bit like a rudderless boat going around in circles. 

We then identify the main obstacles or roadblocks you percieve are in your way.   These are commonly in the area of limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and what is possible for you to achieve.  These impressions have likely been formed from  past experiences and negative interpretations of past outcomes.   

Coaching does not require we 're-live' any negative experiences, however we do need to be in close touch with our feelings.  Just thinking we need to change is unlikely to generate sustained momentum, however when ''how we feel' keeps nudging us towards change we are far more likely to engage in the whole process.

But can we really think, believe and feel different things about ourselves before we experience any actual evidence of change?  Absolutely.  You see nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.

However just the idea of Change can be scary for some.  Anticipation of stepping out of our comfort zones can feel scarier than change itself.  Hitchcock knew this when he said, 'There's no terror in the bang, it's in the anticipation of the bang.’  Real Change normally begins where your comfort zones end.

Also, Change implies risk - WillImage result for change it work?  How will it turn out?  Can I really do it?  All relative 'Unknowns' before you start. 

Risk and Fear of the Unknown are two of the most common   roadblocks to Change.  Yet the actual Process of Change, once started, is often exhilarating and liberating.  Just being in committed action will change your perspectives about what is really possible for you.  It also helps provide the momentum to keep creating your desired changes - and living into them until they become sustained and an established feature of who you now are. 

The process can be likened to skillfully adjusting your sails rather than trying to alter the direction of the wind.

It's just this business of getting started!

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