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What my Clients say

Client names are not shown as this was a condition of allowing me to post their issues, comments and assessments of the Coaching on my web site.  However some are willing to talk personally about their experiences of the Coaching with prospective clients who have similar issues or goals.  The purpose here is to show examples of the range of issues people have come for Coaching on and their outcomes.   


I asked for a paragraph or two and I have only edited out greetings, expressions of thanks etc just to leave their descriptions of the actual Coaching and its results thus far.


Client 1

Required Coaching outcome:  To get out of the rut she felt stuck in.

“I learnt for sure how my beliefs about myself were dictating the circumstances I wanted to change.  His coaching got me to focus my attention on what I really wanted rather than on the rut I wanted to escape from!  It has changed my approach to how I go about my life and has replaced those old, negative beliefs with much more positive ones.  They now feel just as true, or more so, than the old ones!  I am much more confident now in my ability to move forwards in the areas I was so stuck in and am already doing so!”


Client 2

Required Coaching outcome:  Wants a better relationship with his step-daughter.

“The coaching has been much more effective than I was expecting as I had just about given up on the situation changing, or at least until she was older!  But the relationship is definitely changing for the better – I feel more respected by her, probably as a result of me accepting her and her views rather than battling with her.  Peace has broken out!


Client 3

Required Coaching outcome:  Assist staff transition to new company following acquisition.

“Ivan stepped into the Management Team to assist with issues arising from our acquisition by a competitor.  There were a small number of redundancies to handle and several concerned individuals who required new perspectives on the situation.  I can confirm Ivan’s coaching was well received by all the employees he worked with and he made a valuable contribution to a successful transition process.”


Client 4

Required Coaching outcome:  To feel better about my retirement. 

“I had been feeling unsettled about life since I retired and had lost my motivation.  Ivan's coaching is definitely helping me see things differently and more positively.  I feel more in control and enthusiastic and have started doing some charity work which is very rewarding.  My wife says I am getting my mojo back!"   


Client 5

Required Coaching outcome:  To get on better with her boss. 

“I used to have pretty hostile feelings towards my boss and believed he definitely wouldn’t be changing any time soon.  I was thinking I would probably end up leaving my job.   I only had one coaching session with Ivan and I’m not exactly sure what went on but I’m feeling much more in control of the situation at work. 

The atmosphere in our office already feels friendlier and is more relaxed and I'm not feeling the need to defend myself like I used to.  Really amazed things are changing and I'm much more positive about the future and staying in my job” 


Client 6

Required Coaching outcome:  To run an effective campaign to stop or restrict large housing expansion/development in her area.

“I find the sessions which are ongoing really, really useful and leave each one feeling inspired and focussed on the next stages of the campaign.  I’m now establishing a Consultation Group and since I started the coaching the campaign momentum has grown significantly. 

I am talking much more confidently at our meetings and getting the messages across more effectively and I hope persuasively. It’s still early days but whatever the final outcome the coaching has energised me and given me self-belief, confidence and assertiveness, which is also showing up in others areas of my life.”


Client 7

Required Coaching outcome:  To get over breakup of her marriage.

"I came to coaching with a victim mentality which I am being successful putting behind me most of the time.  I have also taken more responsibility for my part in the circumstances that resulted in our breakup and that makes me feel stronger than just feeling it was done to me.

I was also feeling a lot of low self-esteem and fear about managing on my own and what would happen to me and my young son.  But now I’m much more confident generally about being a single mum and my ability to manage and move on."


Client 8

Required Coaching outcome:  To become a professional salsa dancer.

“I am entirely passionate about dancing Salsa with its contagious music.  I spend 10 to 20 hours a week on rehearsals, classes, and performances.  Nothing compares to the feelings I get every time I dance!  My goal was to give up my job (Project Manager) and become a professional dancer.  But I had some doubts to overcome – mainly about ultimately not being good enough compared to dancers with Latin or Afro-Caribbean background (their fabulous body movements come naturally!)   

While Ivan’s coaching isn’t good enough to change my Australian cultural origins! – it is certainly helping me deal with this and other mental blocks I had to achieving my goal.  I don't compare myself so much, just concentrate on dancing the best I can.  I will shortly be ready to sacrifice the safety of my regular income for the riches of following my dream!  Watch this space!”

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