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Who Chooses Coaching?

Over the years I have coached business and professional teams and individuals, young children, students, teenagers, middle-aged and retirees, people at a cross-road in their lives, people berieved, people facing serious health or relationship challenges, people just stuck and struggling to get a grip on their lives, people embarking on a new venture, and some clients who had just lost their mojo.  The list goes on the more I think about the question.


In short, anyone, in any situation, can likely benefit from another perspective to view life from, which Coaching can definiitely provide. 



Personal Coaching


Some Personal Coaching clients are looking to up their game and achieve more.  Great - with my Personal Coaching you can reasonably expect to experience tangible, desired results faster and more sustainably than working introspectively on your own.


Alternatively, Personal Coaching clients may be struggling with their current situations and are desperate to make changes in their lives.  Life isn’t going so well! 


These clients often have a perception or belief they are unable to make the change(s) they want themselves. 


This sthttp://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=OIP.Ma9a575552bbf0792ab610641c6160706H0&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0ate often manifests as anxiety, feeling stuck or overwhelmed and lacking any positive sense of self, purpose or direction.   No enthusiasm for life, or the peace of mind they ached for. 


If this sounds like you, there is, of course, the option of Coaching.




Business Coaching


This Coaching catagory includes individuals or teams from companies and organisations where things may be generally going well but they want to capitalise on expansion possibilities, growth or market opportunities or just accomplish more. 


Or they might be experiencing 'growing' pains or just need to redraw their collective goal roadmaps, fine tune their potential and up their game. 


Alternatively, some Business clients require support-orientated interventions to assist with perhaps redundancies, poor workplace performances, disputes or workplace conflicts, under achievement, loss of focus and direction etc. 


If either of these Business scenarios match yours, or your organisations, engaging me will make a positive difference and reveal and establish the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours which will most effectively propel you or your organisation to higher levels of achievement and workplace harmony.   These results are of course measurable and often achieved surprisingly quickly. 


Team Building


Other Coaching Clients


My Clients in this category usually have some specific project, goal or challenge they want to work on and maximise their chances of success with. 


Some felt they were doing OK but not making the most of the opportunity.  Others had lost confidence or believed they had bitten off more than they can chew and some just felt overwhelmed by their situation whImage result for projectsich they perceived to be drifting out of control.  


A complaint many people who have come for Coaching have of themselves is the tendancy to procrastinate.  My recommendation is always that you get into action and preferably with a different approach, if you're not achieving the results you want.  As is often said, doing the same thing over and again expecting different results is a form of madness. 

Well the fact you’re reading this suggests you are at least open to, and perhaps ready to try something different.   

Whatever catagory you may be in, my intention is that now you’re on my website, you get a good enough insight into my Coaching to decide if this is for you.  If so, do not procrastinate - just call me now and let's meet up.

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